Happenings around here

It seems I am lacking my “Classics Club” oomph, so I have been reading other things that are definitely NOT on my CC reading list.  They are brainless and fun and they are managing to close the gap in my Goodreads goal for the year!


The Calliope Reaper-Jones Series by Amber Benson.

I’ve been hearing about these books for a while now so I tracked them down through my library.  The books are fun and easy to read in an afternoon.  In fact, I plowed through all four in three days without any trouble.  Great for beach reading (or lazy snow-day reading)!

The Woman Who Died A Lot by Jasper Fforde.

After a few books in the Thursday Next series that fell a bit flat (for me), this one seemed to put everything back on track.  It was amusing, fast paced, and smart.  I really love the worlds Jasper Fforde creates…and this one is particularly wonderful.  The one thing I missed from this was actual interplay from BookWorld instead of references to it…although, to be fair, Thursday is recovering from some serious injuries.  But, now, we are left with a mystery:  the world of Dark Reading Matter.  A great read!  [If you haven’t yet read anything from the Thursday Next series, start with The Eyre Affair.]



Changes by Jim Butcher.

Ok, technically this is a re-read.  I’m listening to this on audiobook even as I type this.  This book is the epitome of a bad few days for Harry Dresden.  Honestly, throughout the whole series, I don’t think Butcher has really amped up the “torture Dresden” fun-with-writing like this.  The first time I read this it felt harsh–I was emotionally wiped out!  The reason for re-reading this:  Dresden #14, Cold Days, comes out a week from tomorrow!!! [[[squee!]]]



Ghost Story by Jim Butcher.

Another re-read, I’ve got to get through it before November 27th.  This is what happens to Harry after the übercatastrophe of Changes.  It is a quieter book, but don’t let that fool you into thinking nothing happens.  Harry has quite an active almost-afterlife!  This book really puts Harry in touch with the other characters and what his absence has caused.  The new non-Dresden world isn’t pretty.

Cold Days by Jim Butcher.

Oh, yeah!  November 27.  Mine!  I can’t wait to see what will happen with Dresden’s return and how things will fall out with Mab and the rest of the crew.


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