Ah, Friday!

This is how Dobby tackled the morning:

Dobby the Dane

But are there any snoozes for me?  Any laying about without a care in the world?  Nope.  Since 8 am, my morning has been filled by inane conversations with students that end with me endlessly repeating one thing:

Read the damned syllabus!

don't make me slap you


cuff down sock #1So, to take a break away from people who want me to do their thinking for them, I am going to finish knitting this sock.  It has been sitting on the needles untouched for the whole of November because of Nanowrimo and I’d really like to wear them before Christmas.  It is time to get a move on so I can cast on for the second sock!  While knitting, I will be repeating over and over the phrase my mom used to use when upset with her students (or her kids):

This too shall pass.

colorway 2995

This yarn is Opal Kaleidoscope in colorway #2995.  It isn’t much to look at on the ball, but it sure is knitting up with interesting stripes!  And it is perfect for this pattern.

The Weasley Homestead patternThe pattern (free) is called The Weasley Homestead by Erica Lueder.  It is quite easy.  [Don’t let my snail pace fool you.]



**  May your day be blessed with naps, warm socks, and free of the mad desire to hit someone with a hammer.  **


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