Where, yet again, I fail to follow the plan…

I should just stop making lists of things I plan to read–I never follow them!  And that wretched siren of a library compelled me to leave my bed early this morning and bring home two books.

When will I learn?

Letters is the one I picked up first.  It is, as all correspondence should be, interesting and occasionally very funny.conversations with vonnegut

The other book I picked up is a collection of Kurt Vonnegut interviews compled by William Rodney Allen.  I enjoy reading what authors have to say about writing.

So, apologies to my potential list for December.  Beyond finishing up with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it is possibly a fact that I will never look at you this month.  Just sit there on the corner of the bookshelf and pray that you become more appealing to my reading whims…


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