I’m late, I’m late…!

So, today has not gone according to plan.  It is 3 pm and I am just now getting around to digging in for the readathon.

I’m gonna crack open my Kindle and read like the wind!  Fingers crossed that I can at least finish Verne today…!

For the Check In Post

  • Snack of choice:  homemade fresh guacamole on toasted french bread and a mini-thermos filled with iced tea
  • Where I park my reading carcass:  either the daybed in the office or a squishy chair in the living room–with a big red quilt for extra comfort
  • Book on tapTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
  • My goals for the readathon:  To relax and read without pressure

Book, here I come!



3 thoughts on “I’m late, I’m late…!

  1. Brona

    Exactly – relax and read with pleasure 🙂
    It’s just nice to know there is a whole day devoted to doing as much reading as you can possibly fit in. And doing some in the friendly company of the Classics Club folk 🙂
    Happy reading from Sydney Australia
    Brona’s Books

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