Random distractions while reading…

My participation in this readathon was not meant to be.  I can’t seem to sit still for more than a half hour at a time and even those are far apart.  And, since dinner…well, let’s just say I am procrastinating!

However, I did hatch a thought while looking through some of the CC comments and blogs…

Since my January reading plans are geared toward adventure books, why not tack on The Hobbit?  After all, Bilbo went on an adventure.  And, that logically means that I can classify Lord of the Rings in my February reading plans because, technically, Frodo and company do a lot of travelling!

What did I do instead of shuffling off to read more Verne?  I downloaded a copy of The Hobbit for my Kindle.  [I’ve already got LOTR.]

All I have to say in my defense:  at least I am thinking about books!



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