Ok.  My performance was lackluster at best.

The Classics Club follow up:

What book(s) did I readTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

What book(s) did I finish:  None.  I managed about 150 pages in Verne and the first chapter of Tolkien.

What did I like about the event:  I love that it makes me make time for reading–even if I don’t actually get something completed, I do get further down the text than I might have done on a normal day.

I also like to see what others are reading and how they are progressing.  [This is how I ended up with The Hobbit on my reading schedule and how it snuck into the readathon!]

Suggestions for future readathons:  I like that the progress of the readathon is so relaxed and without pressure.  But I’d like to pitch in the idea for a themed readathon where people can look through their lists to find something that fits the theme and participate.  OR, perhaps choose a time period readathon where we can find a book written in a particular century or whatever.

Would I participate in future readathons:  Definitely.



4 thoughts on “Readathon…ummm…

  1. joon*ann

    I like the relax feeling of the readathon, too, and I like your ideas of a themed or period readathon — that would be interesting!

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