Back to the grindstone…

Today is the day where I officially begin having tons of work again–break is over.  How I wish it could go on forever…

ice on trees
ice on trees

But, that said, it is a perfectly lovely day for hot cocoa!  Yesterday evening began with freezing rain that turned to snow.  Aren’t I lucky to work from home?  No braving that mess for me.


What have I been doing?

my adaptation of the snowflake pattern
my adaptation of the snowflake pattern

I’ve been knitting and altering the knitting pattern I am following. I really like these socks but I like socks that knit from the toe up rather than the cuff down.  So, beyond altering the pattern to be knit toe-up, I tweaked the snowflake pattern slightly from a 22×20 stitch size to a 22×22 stitch which changed the spike in the overlapping diamond between the snowflakes to an even checkerboard.  I really am a stickler for symmetry and things that don’t evenly line up drive me nuts.

all the wibbly mess
all the wibbly mess

I also changed the toe pattern to stripes because the sole of the foot is checkerboard and wrapping that pattern all around the toe is too much for me.  Heaven knows I am a slow knitter, but as my first foray into a colorwork pattern I thought I should tackle something that keeps my brain as occupied as my hands!  And, I also am taking a stab at doing these two socks at the same time on two circular needles.  [Do you have any idea how often I have to unravel the strands?  I swear it might be helpful to use a lazy susan to keep them straight!]

I should be reading.  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Hobbit do not read themselves!  Unfortunately, I do not have brain capacity or hands enough to both keep track of my knitting and read (or flip pages).  I have been ignoring my reading which is something I wish to conquer.  But likely as not I will get sick of knitting in a bit and go on a reading kick.


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