Bundle up, baby!

oh, baby, it's cold outside!
oh, baby, it’s cold outside!

Greetings from the cold, white north!

Technically it isn’t really white.  We’ve got maybe an inch, but we need significantly more snow or serious rain to refill the water level depleted by the long drought last summer.  But it is cold!  It is 4 degrees and the wind chill is -11.  Boy, howdy.  I don’t wish to step outside today!

I’ve been up to my typical reading practice of making plans and then reading something altogether different.  I’ve got The Hobbit and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea going.  So, naturally, I picked up and finished Wizard’s First Rule and then started Stone of Tears–both by Terry Goodkind.  Of course it makes no sense to have books that I am reading still sitting there while I wander off to different books.  I’m just not made of much sense.

I’m also knitting and playing with knitting patterns.  I finished one sock from The Weasley Homestead pattern by Erica Lueder–my very first cuff down sock pattern and I had to learn the Kitchener stitch to finish off the toe!  After grading a few papers this morning, I will probably be casting on for the second sock.  The colorwork sock is slow going, but it definitely is keeping me on my toes for paying attention to the pattern.  Not only that, but I am having to juggle two circular needles and four balls of yarn.  It all makes me want to be a faster knitter…


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