Ah, Interwebs. You have brought me the awesome.

I was hopping around on the web this morning and ended up on Project Gutenberg.  One of the “new” books listed was Dave Fearless and the Cave of Mystery–written in 1918 by Roy Rockwood.  This is one in a series of Dave Fearless books “for boys” because, obviously, girls would never be interested in this sort of thing…

Thoughts passing through my head:

#1.  I’m a girl and I will prove you wrong.

#2.  The whole title of the book is Dave Fearless and the Cave of Mystery, or Adrift on the Pacific.  What a mouthful!

#3.  It fits my adventure theme this month.  [This dovetails nicely with today’s paper-grading procrastination.]

#4.  The writing!  Seriously.

We have been tricked, robbed! After all our trouble, hardship, and peril, I fear that the golden reward we counted on so grandly has slipped from our grasp. (Chapter 1)

[I laughed so hard because it sounds like much of the writing I see from my students.  I am a mean teacher…]

#5.  How can I pass up a character named Dave Fearless?


I am definitely reading this today.


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