What to do today…?

I’m pretty sure what I’ll be doing today.  It involves a lot of grumbling and procrastination and small fits; I’ll be grading rough drafts of papers.

Why today and not tomorrow?  Because if I get all the misery done tonight my whole weekend is FREE!  No running errands.  No meetings.  No major housework.  I can do as I please for a whole 48 hours…

And what will I be doing?  Reading and playing with art stuff and knitting.

I finished up Book 1 (The Eye of the World) of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series last night and started Book 2 (The Great Hunt).  But what I really need to do is finish The Hobbit and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea!  I swear I will finish at least one of those this weekend or declare I am failing my Classics Club list!


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