It’s a Seshet kind of day

No.  I am not swearing politely.  [If I swear, you will hardly be left in doubt.]

like a fucking lady

Seshet is the Egyptian goddess of writing, books, and building.  She is a scribe and the Mistress of the House of Books.

Today I am just going to read and write and do all kinds of creative things.  Everything else can be ignored.  Housework is always worth ignoring.

To Do

1)  The Hobbit.  OK.  This is NOT a long book and I should have been able to read it in one afternoon, but my book ADD kicked in.  I’m going to sit down and see if I can’t get it done this weekend.

2)  Bertrand Russell’s A History of Western Philosophy has been staring at me from the bookshelf lately begging to be re-read.  I may do just that.  [Exactly why I am craving to read this book is a mystery.  Maybe all will be revealed…]

3)  Jim Butcher’s newest Dresden Files novel, Cold Days, is currently playing on my computer while I complete #4.  [Can I tell you how much I LOVE listening to James Marsters as a narrator?  He is excellent!]

4)  I’m working on knitting up a test for my sock pattern, War of the Roses, to see if it comes out as planned.  Since this is my first color work pattern, I am praying it translates well from chart (which is lovely on the page) to fabric!

5)  I will be doing some heavy revisions of a chapter.  If that pisses me off, then I will most likely write new things instead.  Or throw a temper tantrum.  Wine will be flowing and I will be swearing; I might need to hold a puppy and sob.

I hope your weekend is filled with smiley things and cookies!


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