Easing back into reading, slowly

As I write this, someone in the living room is watching The Addams Family (movie, 1991); Wednesday and Pugsley are performing their Shakespearean death scene for the school talent show.  All I can hear are the gagging death-coughs of Christina Ricci…(which is, of course, the reason I KNOW it is The Addams Family).


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.  I am reluctant to barrel through this book with unholy speed because I am enjoying how often I laugh.  I’m not talking about the material evoking an amused smile or a polite titter.  I mean sincere, deep belly laughs…the kind that make you the object of stares from strangers.

I inched a few steps farther into The Hobbit.

But, I am most proud of my passable progress through The Fires of Heaven; to be fair, it is an audiobook which leaves me free to do other things (like knit or draw) while listening.


On a better note, my reading–as snail-like as it is–is allowing me to write again.  I forget how often they feed each other…


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