Wish me luck!

2015 was not a banner year.  The majority of it was spent in seclusion and recovery!  I lost a cat I have had since grad school–we had to put her down (cancer).  My job faded away in April with no warning leaving me with less than part-time work.  In June, I spent almost three weeks in the hospital (one week to figure out what was wrong, 4 days to decide what to do about it, and another week after being gutted like a fish).  I spent 4 weeks at home healing (learning how to stand and walk upright) and another two banned from traveling in a car (some doctor thing about abdominal surgery and seat belts).  Basically, my whole summer sucked.

Then I landed a new job and have been working like crazy since September.  I haven’t had the brain power to really get back to reading or writing.  But, I think I am finally back and able to tackle the world again.

**Outside right now it is snowing.  But there is a train going by that has the most beautiful horn–it is more like a group of those Alpenhorns than the brassy squall of most trains that go through here.  I don’t know what it was–but I liked it!**

I have enough books to be getting on with, but the lure of Amazon is always there telling me that I want to get Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Unset (1920-1922), The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg (1824), and The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox by Barry Hughart (1998).

By the end of January, I’d like to at least start and finish one or two books from my shelf.  I think I’m gonna start out with things that are newer and probably less challenging than hopping straight into a classic novel.  I think easing into reading again will help me out…


  • Summerland by Michael Chabon
  • The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
  • The Cinder Spires:  The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher
  • The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan


What shall it be?







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